How does Season 6 of ‘The Chi’ end? Lynn Whitfield breaks down the surprising finale (2024)

Warning: This post contains spoilers for “The Chi.” Some photos could be disturbing.

"The Chi" Season Six could be one of the most dramatic seasons that the show has ever seen.

In just 16 episodes, a lot transpired, including Emmett (Jacob Latimore) failing in his plot to kill drug lord Douda (Curtiss Cook), Jake (Michael Epps) sleeping with the wife of the pastor at Papa's new church and Rashaad (Jason Weaver) agreeing to be the new right-hand man and lover of matriarch Alicia (Lynn Whitfield), who viewers soon find out is also a dangerous gangster.

In an interview with, Whitfield says she loves that Chicago is the backdrop of the series.

"I absolutely love that Chicago is a huge character in the series and that I've gotten to spend time in Chicago, which is a great city," she says. "I like that I am working with young actors who've built this story through their character development and that I have to fit in with what has been created already."

With so many interesting storylines in Season Six, it's a lot to unpack. Read on to see what happened to all the pivotal characters at the end of this season.

How does 'The Chi' Season Six end?

"The Chi" Season Six ends with Douda getting killed by his former right-handman, Nuck (Cortez Smith). Nuck decides to take out Douda after he's viciously beaten by him and learns that he's been threatening his family — specifically his ex Keisha and her son, who he recently learned was his child.

Now with Douda gone, Nuck is set to take over Douda's high-ranking spot in the streets of Chicago.

Following the dramatic power shift, Whitfield tells that the storyline for "The Chi" will probably "change drastically" in Season Seven seeing that Nuck is now in charge.

As for losing Douda, Whitfield said she always liked working with Cook on set.

"It was great," she said. "We always just fell into the moments, we talked through things and then we just went at it and it was fun. It was easy. It was effortless to work with him."

How does Season 6 of ‘The Chi’ end? Lynn Whitfield breaks down the surprising finale (1)

But in Season Six, that's not the only cast member who dies.

In the finale, Nuck also kills Alicia's son Rob (Iman Shumpert) after Rob stands his ground against Nuck and tells him he won't be extorted by him anymore.

While walking away from Nuck, Rob is shot three times and his body is later placed on Alicia's doorstep.

Sadly, Rob's partner Tiffany (Hannaha Hall) doesn't know what happened. The news will likely be devastating to her considering she now seems to have a grasp on her love life, telling Kiesha (Birgundi Baker) in another scene that she's happy she's finally found a "good man."

Seeing the bond that Alicia has with her son, Whitfield says it's clear that her character will not let Rob's death go unpunished since Alicia is the type to “shoot you before she prays for you."

“Alicia is about you kill my brother, you need to die. You hurt my loved one, you hurt my son, then you have to be dealt with,” she says. “...So it’s respect. It’s street code. It’s keeping everything straight so that nobody else gets any ideas that she’s weak.”

Alicia's remarks sets her up to potentially have an interesting villain ark in Season Seven.

What happens between Emmett and Kiesha?

Emmett and Kiesha leave the season on a high note. In the finale, Kiesha learns that she is pregnant by Emmett and she happily reveals this information to her family and friends on Thanksgiving.

Kiesha and Emmett are also elated to learn that Douda has died after he's been threatening them all season long, including blowing up their car.

In the finale, they learn that Nuck has killed Douda when he arrives on their doorstep covered in blood. By the looks of it, a police investigation for Douda's death might take place next season.

Does Kevin return?

Sadly, no. Kevin (Alex R. Hibbert) does not return for the Season Six finale.

However, we do get an update about his new life in Los Angeles when his Chicago-bound girlfriend Maisha (Genesis Denise Hale) tells her friends that she hasn't heard from Kevin in a while and suspects he's cheating on her.

"He barely calls. He takes forever to answer my texts and his social media has been real cryptic lately," she tells Lynae (Zaria Imani Primer) and Bakari (Ahmad Ferguson) in the show.

"Ya'll breaking up?" Lynae asks Maisha, but Maisha tells her that she thinks Kevin wants to but just doesn't have the heart to tell her.

"Maybe you have to be the one to end it," Lynae says.

"Not going to lie to you, I hate this," Maisha responds.

In Season Six, Kevin heads to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams of working in the video game industry.

What happens between Douda and Alicia?

Douda and his archenemy Alicia finally come head-to-head in the season finale. Looking for retribution for her brother's death, Alicia pulls out a gun on Douda and is ready to pull the trigger until Nuck shoots his boss first.

"There's a new sheriff in town," he tells her before commanding her to get rid of the body.

But, Alicia tells him that she takes orders from no one.

How does Season 6 of ‘The Chi’ end? Lynn Whitfield breaks down the surprising finale (2)

"I'm going to be more than your enemy. I'm going to be your worst f---ing nightmare," she says.

Later on in the episode, Alicia learns that her son Rob is dead after she finds his lifeless body laying outside of her house. The show then ends with her cradling her son in her arms.

When it comes to Alicia's revenge, Whitfield tells that she understands her character's pain because she would also want retribution if her 32-year-old daughter, Grace, was murdered.

Whitfield says thinking about that happening helped her tap into Alicia's emotions.

"If somebody laid a finger on my child, Grace, then no, so personalizing the circ*mstances that Alicia was faced with made it pretty easy to step into her emotional life," she explained.

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How does Season 6 of ‘The Chi’ end? Lynn Whitfield breaks down the surprising finale (2024)
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