How Kate Middleton could be handed Queen's powers if tragic events unfold (2024)

How Kate Middleton could be handed Queen's powers if tragic events unfold (1)
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  • Ije Teunissen-Oligboh

THE Queen celebrates her 96th birthday this month and landmark Platinum Jubilee this year, but Kate could be handed Her Majesty's power if several tragic events unfolded.

Since the monarch caught COVID from Prince Charles earlier in the year, more talk has turned to what happens next.

In line for the throne are Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince George, but according to GB News, Kate Middleton could see herself with all powers of the monarch under legal guidelines.

In the case that the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William pass on, Kate may end up with the legal powers of the monarch until Prince George is of age to take the throne.

This will be due to the Regency Act 1937, which states that if a monarch is incapable of ruling for health reasons, or because the sovereign is not yet of age, then their legal guardian would step in.

In Prince George's case, if he was to ascend to the throne before he turned 18 then Kate, his legal guardian, would take charge.

Read our Royal Family live blog below for the latest updates...

  • 26th Apr 2022, 15:44By Ije Teunissen-Oligboh

    The Queen's great affection for Kate

    Kate Middleton met the Queen's grandson, Prince William while at university.

    Since they married in 2011, there has been much speculation over the relationship the duch*ess has with the Queen.

    According to body language expert, Darren Stanton, the Queen is fond of Kate.

    Speaking on behalf of Betfair Casino, he explained: "It’s clear the Queen has a great deal of affection for Kate Middleton.

    "Often the pair are seen matching and mirroring each other’s body position and gestures when pictured together."


  • 26th Apr 2022, 15:10By Ije Teunissen-Oligboh

    Will Kate be ready to take on legal Royal power?

    It's been reported that talk has turned to Kate taking on all Royal responsibilities if necessary.

    As the Queen turns 96-years-old there have been discussions about what happens next.

    Charles is next in line for the throne but at 73-years-old, it's likely Prince William will take the throne not too long after him.

    If something unfortunate was to take place and Prince George has to take the throne but is not yet 18, Kate would be granted Royal powers in line with The Regency Act 1937.


  • 26th Apr 2022, 14:40By Ije Teunissen-Oligboh

    Entitled William threatened nanny as a child

    Prince Harry often gets branded the difficult child, but William was actually the hard one.

    As a toddler, Prince William threatened his nanny.

    Author of The Palace Papers, out today, Tina Brown describes how difficult William was and that even the Queen would complain to Prince Philip their grandson was out of control.

    Brown writes in her book that William would often begin sentences saying "When I am king I will make a rule that..."

    The young prince would often say to his nanny, Barbara Barnes: "No one tells me what to do! When I am king I will have you punished!"


  • 26th Apr 2022, 14:10By Ije Teunissen-Oligboh

    Meghan has no intention of coming back - she disliked England

    Harry may have plans to eventually return to the UK.

    Tina Brown, former editor of Vanity Fair, has said Prince Harry may return to the UK when the Queen dies.

    It's suggested he will split his time between the US and the UK, but the duch*ess of Sussex and their children will remain in the US.

    She elaborated: "I don't see Meghan ever wanting to go back. She disliked England."


  • 26th Apr 2022, 13:40By Ije Teunissen-Oligboh

    Eugenie publicly celebrates her grandmother

    The Queen had her 96th birthday four days ago.

    Many chose a variety of ways to celebrate the Queen's 96th birthday ahead of her Platinum Jubilee this year.

    Her granddaughter, Eugenie, took to Instagram to share birthday wishes for the monarch.

    Princess Eugenie as known to be very close with her first cousin, Prince Harry, another who has a 'special' relationship with the Queen.


  • 26th Apr 2022, 13:10By Ije Teunissen-Oligboh

    Trump under fire for comments about the Royal Family

    Piers Morgan launched is new programme on TalkTV last night.

    Piers Morgan Uncensored aired for the first time last night on TalkTV with an an interview with former president and disgraced businessman, Donald Trump.

    In the interview with Piers, Trump who has been fined $10k and is in contempt with a Judge for refusing to turn over evidence, slated Prince Harry as a 'disgrace'.

    He went further: "the Queen should strip [them] of their titles."


  • 26th Apr 2022, 12:40By Ije Teunissen-Oligboh

    She's funny, but what really makes the Queen laugh?

    At 96-years-old, the Queen has lived through a lot of hard times, but she manages to stay upbeat.

    In the last 20 years, the Queen's husband of 70 years died, one grandson chose to leave The Firm, a son was accused of sexual offences, her sister died and her mother died - the last two within two months of each other.

    And yet, the Queen continues with her duties and stays upbeat with many saying she has a great sense of humour.

    According to the BBC, she is good at laughing things off. Royal historian said: "Laughing things off has been an important survival technique."

    Prince Harry says his grandmother's best quality is her sense of humour.


  • 26th Apr 2022, 12:10By Ije Teunissen-Oligboh

    70 years' reign of course equals more drinking!

    Priti Patel confirmed pubs will be allowed to stay open for longer over the Jubilee weekend.

    The temporary extension will not apply to supermarkets and off-licences.

    Pubs can currently stay open until 11pm but will be allowed to operate until 1am over the celebratory weekend.

    The Home Secretary said: "It will people the chance to raise a toast to Her Majesty's incredible service."


  • 26th Apr 2022, 11:40By Ije Teunissen-Oligboh

    Thomas Markle vows to attend the Queen's Jubilee

    Father of Meghan Markle plans to fly to the UK for the Queen's celebrations.

    Estranged father of former actress, Meghan Markle, has vowed to attend the Queen's Jubilee celebrations.

    Despite no evidence of an invitation, Markle intends to fly to the UK for the events.

    Prince Harry has been invited, along with the duch*ess and their two children, but it remains unclear whether they will be present.


  • 26th Apr 2022, 11:10By Ije Teunissen-Oligboh

    Queen driven by undeniable sense of Royal duty

    According to body expert, the Queen is driven and carries her own forcefield around her.

    Speaking on behalf of Betfair Casino, Darren Stanton explained the character traits the Queen has shown since the early years of her reign.

    Analysing her body language to mark her 96th birthday, Stanton highlights the monarch's ease to adopt authority with just her body language.

    He expanded: " [she] has always adopted a sense of authority in her posture - almost like she was destined to reign.

    "She remains determined to carry out her royal duties to the best of her ability - that hasn’t changed."


  • 26th Apr 2022, 10:40By Milica Cosic

    Prince William ‘most regal he’s ever been’at Anzac Day service (2/2)

    Body language expert Darren Stanton continued to say: “White is not a colour Kate is often seen wearing, however psychologically it was the right choice for this particular appearance as white represents a lot of things, like purity and renewal, and it’s a neutral colour.

    “Normally, Kate would resort to her default favourites like red, blue or purple, but she understood the significance of the day. Wearing white allowed her to still be ever present and supportive, while having the ability to blend as she performed her duties as as senior royal despite the great deal of media attention.

    “We have seen major shifts in the Royal family in the last few years and it’s clear from both Kate and William’s body language that they are most definitely being coached in preparation to become the nation’s future King and Queen in years to come.”


  • 26th Apr 2022, 10:30By Milica Cosic

    Prince William ‘most regal he’s ever been’at Anzac Day service (1/2)

    A body language expert has analysed Prince William andKateMiddleton’s appearance at the Anzac Day service, which was held in London yesterday.

    Speaking on behalf ofSlingo, Darren Stanton said The Duke of Cambridge was the ‘most regal he’s ever been’ during the Royal engagement, and shares the significance ofKate’s white outfit choice for her last minute appearance.

    Stanton said: “William was dressed very formally as he addressed the cenotaph with his wreath. His body language and posture was military like as he stood to attention in respect of the fallen soldiers. Naturally, he adopted a very solemn facial expression congruent with the nature and mood of the remembrance service and it was the most regal we have seen William conduct himself at a Royal engagement.

    “Already showing qualities of a King, William conducted himself appropriately and knew what was expected of him, as he doesn’t take his royal duties lightly. He was joined last minute by wife Kate Middleton, who was just as poised as her husband.”


  • 26th Apr 2022, 10:10By Milica Cosic

    William 'lucky' to have married Kate

    A royal expert has said that Kate Middleton is an "extremely good influence" on Prince William, who was "lucky to marry her".

    Royal biographer Howard Hodgson told that the duch*ess of Cambridge has proven to be an “extremely good influence on the prince.

    Hodgson said: “Certainly William is very dutiful, and I think supported by Kate.

    “They ensure that they keep a good appearance, they do put the public, the country and the monarchy first.

    He added: “I think he was very lucky to marry her. I think she’s an extremely good influence and is well-liked by the people, and so she should be.”


  • 26th Apr 2022, 09:30By Milica Cosic

    'Would be best’ Prince Harry does not attend Royal Jubilee

    According to a royal historian, Prince Harry deciding not to attend the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee 2022 celebrations “would be the greatest gift”.

    Royal historian Hugo Vickers has argued forPrince Harryto not attend celebrations, and told ITV’sThe Royal Rota podcast: “There are other forces working on Prince Harry I mean he’s got contracts with publishers, he’s got Netflix deals, he had a Netflix crew following him around and he has a wife.

    “I think all these people are controlling him in a different sort of way.”

    Referring to Prince Harry’s recent interview with a US TV outlet, he said: “American interviewers are very aggressive and they want answers to these things.

    “Presumably, he went along to talk about the Invictus Games and of course, he got the inevitable questions, which is why actually, I would rather hope that he doesn’t come to the Jubilee.

    “Because I can see that whole of the media will be speculating as to whether he’s getting on with his brother or his father or how he looks at his grandmother and so forth.

    “He would do best to stay away.”


  • 26th Apr 2022, 08:40By Milica Cosic

    Kate & William praised for paying respects Anzac Day service

    Kate Middleton and Prince William were praised by fans for paying respects for Anzac Day.

    The Duke and duch*ess of Cambridge took to their Twitter to write: "Commemorating Australians and New Zealanders who have lost their lives in conflict and paying thanks to all those who have served this".

    And one fan responded, complimenting the royal couple and said: “It was wonderful to see our Duke and duch*ess paying their respects to those who died so we could have freedom today.”

    The user added: “Both of you looked so dignified performing your duties to the Crown, once again!

    “God bless all we have lost, and God bless you both!

    Another stated: “William and Kate always so dignified despite the difficulties and unnecessary comments they are currently facing.

    “You have a lot of support, be strong and keep doing what you’re doing.”

    It was wonderful to see our Duke and duch*ess paying their respects to those who died so we could have freedom today 🇦🇺🇳🇿❤️❤️❤️❤️

    — The Wales Family (fan account) (@lovefamilywales) April 25, 2022


  • 26th Apr 2022, 08:00By Ije Teunissen-Oligboh

    Harry promises to keep the Invictus Games alive

    The Games took place in the Hague this year and has come to an end.

    The 2025Gameslocation has been revealed asCanada, sparking excitement.

    The games are intended to support and empower wounded and injured servicemen and women.

    TheRoyal founderattended this year’s games with his wife,Meghan, after visitingPrince Charlesand theQueenin theUK.

    Whatever you think of him, this was well said for the audience that inspired it. First winter Invictus games coming to Vancouver-Whistler, Canada 2025❣️👏

    — NewUGame (@NewUGame) April 25, 2022


  • 26th Apr 2022, 07:00By Ije Teunissen-Oligboh

    William and Harry aren’t as even-toned as their father

    It’s been reported Princess Diana was more expressive than the rest of the royal family.

    According to royal author and journalist, Robert Jobson,Prince Charlesstruggles withWilliamand Harry’s mood swings.

    They appear to have taken after theirmother.


  • 26th Apr 2022, 06:00By Ije Teunissen-Oligboh

    Predatory behaviour is nothing new for Andrew

    Ex-royal aide claims Prince Andrew lunged at her.

    Nicola Palmer, who was 21 at the time,explained she had to outrun the prince.

    The Queen‘s third-born andex-wifewere out at the time but Andrew returned early.

    Palmer wore a top with the slogan ‘Think my pants off’ written across the chest.

    She claimed theaccused sex-offenderstared at her chest before asking her what it meant a number of times.

    Under pressure, the then-21 year old fumbled an explanation resulting in the prince lunging at her.

    She managed to run to the top of the stairs to get away from him.


  • 26th Apr 2022, 05:00By Ije Teunissen-Oligboh

    William and Harry aren’t as even-toned as their father

    It’s been reported Princess Diana was more expressive than the rest of the royal family.

    According to royal author and journalist, Robert Jobson,Prince Charlesstruggles withWilliamand Harry’s mood swings.

    They appear to have taken after theirmother.


  • 26th Apr 2022, 04:00By Ije Teunissen-Oligboh

    Prince Charles urged not allow Harry and Meghan back

    Last week, Harry and Meghan met with the Queen and Prince Charles.

    The meeting is said to have gone very well despite the couple missingPrince Philip‘s memorial service earlier in the year to mark a year since his passing.

    AfterMeghanandHarry‘sinterviewwithOprah,Princes CharlesandWilliamwere said to be be angry with Harry for suggesting they were “trapped” by the firm.

    However, the bonds appear to be rebuilding and there is talk that Charles is considering allowing the Sussexes back, thoughhe is being urged not to.


  • 26th Apr 2022, 03:00By Ije Teunissen-Oligboh

    The shadow of their siblings loomed large for Harry and Margaret

    More talk has turned to who will succeed the Queen as it’s reported William hopes to succeed the Queen instead of his father.

    Prince Charlesis first in line to the throne, withPrince Williamsecond and his eldest child,Prince Georgefollowing behind him.

    The Queen, who celebrated her96th birthdaywas reportedly close to her sister,Princess Margaret, reportedly found the weight of the crown a burden at first after the death of her father and abdication of her uncle.

    Princess Margaret, however, notoriously enjoyed lavish parties and alcohol while yearning for the limelight.

    In recent years, William has toed the line to the throne while Harry has historically found his position difficult, now choosing to leavethe Firmentirely.


  • 26th Apr 2022, 02:00By Ije Teunissen-Oligboh

    The Palace Papers – real Royal life is the stuff of soap operas

    A tell-all book covering the biggest Royal scandals and secrets of the last 25 years will have you shocked.

    FormerVanity FairandNew Yorkereditor, Tina Brown, known for writing The Diana Chronicles has put pen to paper once again to give us the juiciest details about one of the world’s most famous families.

    Brown gives us knew information including what may be considered a quirk by some and a clear case of snobbery from others –Prince Charlesinsists on taking his own toilet seat and bed on trips.

    A source is quoted in the book describing Charles fromhis mother‘s perspective: “Too needy, too vulnerable, too emotional, too complicated, too self-centered.”

    The Palace Papers will be available from tomorrow.


  • 26th Apr 2022, 01:00By Ije Teunissen-Oligboh

    William and Kate ignore Harry’s concerns

    Despite direct questions about Harry’s comments, the Cambridges had nothing to say.

    Leaving theLondonoffices of the Disasters Emergency Committee,WilliamandKatewere asked about theQueen‘s safety.

    According toGood Morning America, a broadcaster asked: “Sir, does the Queen need protecting?” to which he was met with silence.

    This came afterPrince Harryclaimed he is making sure the Queen is “protected”, “has the right people around her” and that he shares a “special” relationship with his 96-year-old grandmother.


  • 25th Apr 2022, 00:00By Ije Teunissen-Oligboh

    William to succeed the Queen? Foolish!

    It’s been reported Prince William has intent to succeed his grandmother.

    In doing so, Prince Charles would have to abdicate the throne as he is next in line for the crown.

    A royal expert has branded the idea foolish, however.

    As the Queen turned 96 this week, more talk has turned to what will happen after her and the state of the Royal family as a whole.

    Idea for Prince William to succeed Queen addressed by constitutional expert: ‘Foolish!’

    — Daily Express (@Daily_Express) April 25, 2022


  • 25th Apr 2022, 23:00By Ije Teunissen-Oligboh

    Unbreakable bond between the Queen and her grandson

    Harry has spoken fondly of his grandmother and their ‘special’ relationship.

    In the last few years, Harry and Meghan have made headlines for some of their choices with many fearing the effect they have on the Queen.

    On Harry’s recent trip to the UK, he made an effort to visit the longest-reigning monarch.

    He ha since spoken of the close bond they have, suggesting their relationship is as strong as ever.



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