The Chi: Here's Why Kevin Left the Show (2024)

The Chi's Kevin Williams, portrayed by Alex R. Hibbert, recently left the series, and viewers are now getting more information on why that happened.

Showtime's The Chi takes a look at the brutality and intensity of Chicago's South Side neighborhood as four young kids are connected through a traumatizing murder that changes their lives forever.

Hibbert's Kevin is one of those kids. He comes from a loving family and simply wants to enjoy life with his friends before his friend's brother is killed. From there, he continues to grow through The Chi's first six seasons.

Why Did Kevin Leave The Chi?

The Chi: Here's Why Kevin Left the Show (1)

Season 6 of Showtime's The Chi saw a surprising exit for Alex R. Hibbert's Kevin Williams, one of the series' original characters who had been in the cast for all six seasons.

In the mid-season finale (Season 6, Episode 8), Kevin meets his latest major accomplishment by graduating high school and preparing for the next steps in his life.

From there, he decides to move away from Chicago to Los Angeles, hoping to pursue an opportunity in the video game industry in his early stages as an adult.

This episode sees Kevin reflect on his time in Chicago with his friends, his mom, his stepmom, and his girlfriend. He even enjoys a going-away party as part of his send-off from the series.

On September 22, 2023, Hibbert shared a lengthy message about his exit from the series on Instagram.

Confirming how that episode was his final entry on The Chi, he expressed how important the show was to him while making it clear how heavy his heart was to say goodbye to those he worked with:

"Dear fans and viewers, It brought tears to my eyes just writing this. As some of you may already know, today marks my departure from 'THE CHI.' This show has been such an important part of my life and I’m forever grateful to the people that watched me grow up on camera in front of your eyes for several years. It is with a heavy heart that I say goodbye to my castmates, crew members, and all of you who have supported me and throughout this incredible journey."

Hibbert described his time on The Chi as "an unforgettable experience" and commented on how much he learned from his time there, giving credit to the fans for their support as well:

"Working on this show has been an unforgettable experience, and I am grateful for all the opportunities it has brought me. I have learned so much from my time here, and I will carry those lessons with me as I move on to new projects. To the fans who have followed me and my character's journey, your unwavering support and love have been the driving force behind my work. I am humbled and honored to have been able to bring this character to life and share Kevins story with you."

While he will miss his role as Kevin, he shared his excitement "about what the future holds" for his career, all while "[cherishing] the memories and experiences" he had for the rest of his life:

"While I may be leaving this show, I am excited about what the future holds. I look forward to continuing to create meaningful and impactful work that resonates with audiences around the world. Once again, thank you for everything. I will miss this show and most importantly I’m going to miss Kevin, but I will cherish the memories and experiences forever. Sincerely, Alex R. Hibbert"

As part of a video tribute to Hibbert, Kiesha star Birgundi Baker recalled her first day working with him, calling her time with him "a really wonderful, wonderful journey" before his exit:

"I have a lot of wonderful memories working with Alex here on the set of 'The Chi.' I’ll never forget the first day we worked with each other. It’s almost like an iconic picture now of us walking down the street. It’s really been a brother/sister bond since that day. We never have to say anything, we just look at each other and we know what it is and we just go from there, and it’s been a really wonderful, wonderful journey working with Alex. He’s a very special soul."

Emmett star Jacob Latimore shared his favorite memory of Hibbert, looking back to playing basketball together:

"My favorite memory of Alex Hibbert is at my building that I stay at here in Chicago. We have a basketball court, so I brought the boys over to play basketball. Alex fought hard, he fought hard, he scored the last basket, he won the game that day. So, shout out to Alex."

Hibbert also expressed how emotional his exit was, sharing the love with his main co-stars Michael V. Epps and Shamon Brown Jr.:

"Growing up with these people since I was 12 years old, six years, it's my brothers, yo. Sometimes, I feel bad, and I know this leave is not gonna affect him in a negative way at all."

Will Kevin Return to The Chi?

As The Chi moves forward, Kevin's exit from the series appears permanent until further notice.

While fans were certainly sad to see the character's send-off in Season 6 after he had such a big role in building the story, his story seemed to be at a good point for completion as he moves past high school and into adult life.

In the real world, Hibbert already has plenty of work lined up for his future, thanks to roles in movies like Story Ave and Good Burger 2.

There could still be an avenue for his comeback on The Chi considering he was not killed off and did not have any lingering plot threads, but for now, that decision seems to be final as the series continues.

The first six seasons of The Chi are now streaming on Showtime, and they can also be viewed with a premium subscription to Hulu and Paramount+.

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The Chi: Here's Why Kevin Left the Show (2024)
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